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The Yellow Jersey
A Tour de France novel by Ralph Hurne

Tour de France Books
including Lance Armstrong’s War, It’s Not About the Bike, and Every Second Counts.

2006-7 at the Tour de France
Reviews of Positively False and
From Lance to Landis.

Buy or download SHEEP FOOTBALLView larger images of front and back cover at Alpine Books storefrontSHEEP FOOTBALL (and other strange tales from rural America), features several amusing chapters about cycling. In “Bear with Me,” a weary rider gets chased by a hungry bear...and a pteradactyl!? In “Up, Up and Away,” a superhero who can’t fly rides a bicycle instead. And “Two Wheels Good” humorously celebrates commuting to work by bicycle. This collection of fiction and nonfiction (and a couple poems) also includes nature writing and natural history of interest to hikers and farmers. Many tales are previously published, including the award-winning essay “Peeking Behind the Page.”
 Two dozen stories in all.

124 pages, Alpine Books
Written by
Eric Pinder
Available in paperback $14.95
download eBook for only $3.50

More free online book reviews about cycling are coming soon. In the meantime enjoy these titles

Read more about Cycling's Greatest MisadventuresCYCLING’S GREATEST MISADVENTURES features 27 of the strangest mishaps on two wheels, from the terrifying to the comical to the bizarre. Freak accidents, savage animal attacks,
idiotic decisions and eerie phenomena make this brand new anthology a very entertaining read.

254 pages, Casagrande Press.
Edited by Erich Schweikher


In 1994, Marty Basch rode his bicycle from Maine to Alaska: 5198 miles, 10 flat tires, two new chains and one grizzly bear. He even had the Mounties help him track down his stolen bicycle helmet.




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