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Bicycle Byline: Book Reviews and Cycling Gifts

Bicycle sketchWelcome! If you're reading this page,
it's probably raining, snowing or nighttime...
because otherwise you'd be outside riding your bike!

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Got legs?Helmet, check. Extra water bottle, check. Rather be riding your bike? There's one more thing you need.

Looking for books about bikes? Find online book reviews and recommended reading here.
Bicycle limerick mug

What's more exciting than riding your bicycle and being chased by a bear? How about being chased by a pteradactyl? Enjoy some short bicycle humor.

I'm only happy when I'm riding my bike, available on t-shirts and other items.Stuck in traffic, behind a desk or in a long line at the grocery store? These are just a few of the activities that may make you think, I'm only happy when I'm riding my bike!"

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Perfect gift for a cyclist's dog.

And don't forget Fido when you're shopping for gifts. This dog bowl declares, "I'm only happy when I'm chasing your bike!"

George Orwell would agree: All vehicles are equal, but some vehicles are more equal than others...namely bicycles!

Orwell would agree: some vehicles are more equal than others.

Even if you're stuck in traffic during your morning commute, or chained to your desk, you can still let neighbors and co-workers know this: Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad. Available in a variety of shirts, stickers, and magnets.

Commuting to work by bicycle?
You may enjoy reading
this picture book

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The popular

"Burn calories not gas" mugBurn calories, not gas! With the price of gas rising above $4.00, the fuel efficiency of a bicycle is more welcome than ever. Find this popular eco-friendly design on t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and totebags.

Looking for more gifts for a mountain biker or cyclist? Click below to read full-length reviews of the following cycling titles:

The Yellow Jersey
An amusing Tour de France novel by Ralph Hurne

Tour de France Books
Cycling's Greatest MisadventuresReviews of Positively False and From Lance to Landis. The doping scandals and legal battles that overshadow these books are only part of the story. The personal, inside views of the pro peloton are the main appeal (no pun intended)

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 Enjoy a little Christmas humor. The bicycle-related Christmas carol is available on a variety of different shirts and colors

Just hear those bike chains jingling
Ring-ting-tingling too!
Come on, it's lovely weather
for a bike ride together with you.

Cycling gifts such as this refrigerator magnet now available.

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